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A sophisticated thank you, full of velvet scents and delicious tastes.


Somas Black Fig & Vetiver Candle

Somas is an Irish word directly translating to ‘Ease’ or ‘Comfort’. All products are hand-poured with love by Margaret in Co. Cork. Inspired by the Legends of St Gobnait the packaging is designed to resemble a honeycomb which is believed to bring joy, good luck and new life

Black Fig & Vetiver is the perfect blend of warming notes of cedarwood with zesty citrus fruits. The contrast between the sweetness of the fig and sharp vetiver creates a truly unique earthy scent perfect for any season.

Neary Nogs Whiskey Truffles

Consciously made, Neary Nogs is Northern Irelands first Bean to Bar craft chocolate makers in Co. Down. A distinctive blend of cocao beans and Irish Whiskey, these truffles are addictive.

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