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EvenStone Gifting

By June 4, 2021March 30th, 2022Curation Journal

The Ultimate Expression of Love

Gifting is the ultimate expression of love, those thoughtful little touches, the tissue, the ribbon, the packaging, there is nothing more exciting than peeling back the layers of a gift to reveal what’s beneath. And it’s those gifts inside that excite even more. I get so much pleasure sourcing the perfect products that come together to make the ultimate gift box. I could spend hours researching and sourcing products to ensure each box is perfect.
With each producer or creator, I know their story, building wonderful relationships with so many. Female producers are the core of my business, and it’s my passion to show the positivity of these women who are doing cool stuff that you can’t buy on the shelves and who are also making positive steps towards a more sustainable future.

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